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In Plant DeRailment

In congested plant areas a small derailment can be a huge problem. In this Midwest plastics plant a derailment under a pipe rack required a quick response and a solution different than the industry generally offers.
ReRailAmerica is the best choice for in-plant, confined space ReRailing. The reason is simple, side booms (a common industry solution) cannot get alongside the cars to lift. A crane cannot lift from above because of overhead obstructions.
ReRailAmerica deployed and had on scene within three hours a crew trained in the use of our hydraulic transfer beam. After the safety meeting our crew of two people quickly lifted the railcar, moved it over the rail center line, swiveled the truck to realign the rail/flange relationship and safely lowered the rail car. All accomplished quickly safely and without any damage to plant infrastructure. It was as if we had never been there! Except it was ” problem solved” and plant production maintained.

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