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Let's have a discussion about carbon foot print. If your plant has policy or procedure to reduce the emissions of all inplant activity consider this…depending on what type of derailment you have, if you call one of the companies that respond with Cat side booms they will respond with 3 or 4 tractor trailers , 1 support truck and at least one pick up truck. 
The crew will then fire up 2 or 3 older pieces of Cat equipment that will make lots of noise and smoke.
ReRailAmerica’s response to most inplant derailments is with 2 small trucks, we  then perform the ReRailing with  hydraulic power, utilizing a 2 cylinder engine. A huge reduction in NOx2!   ReRailAmerica is the green choice.
(The above is in no way disrespect for the awesome power and capacity of the cat side booms and their operators, in some scenarios they are exactly what a derailment calls for, but for most inplant derailments,  the big Cats are over kill and not the enviromentally conscientious choice.)


Carbon Foot Print

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